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This study programme integrates in the bachelor’s field of Mathematics. The duration of studies is 3 years (180 ECTS credits). Students acquire the qualities necessary to practice the activity of teaching mathematics and computer science in pre-university education. The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science has gained the right to use the technologies produced by Microsoft for educational purposes. Extremely generous and diverse in concern, Microsoft Imagine will be a significant presence in the lives of students in this study programme, offering free access to technology and the opportunity to participate in the annual Imagine Cup competition, organized and sponsored by Microsoft. At the same time, we benefit from free Oracle courses for the completion of which a graduation certification is issued.


Perspectives after graduation: teacher of mathematics or computer science


Coordinator: Conf. dr. Olivia Florea, email:


This study programme is integrated in the bachelor’s field of Computer Science. The duration of studies is 3 years, with 180 ECTS credits. Students gain skills in using and configuring computer systems, operating systems, and computer networks, as well as in specifying, designing, and developing modern software products using object-oriented programming languages and current programme development methodologies and platforms. The strength of the study programme is given by a package of eight elective subjects proposed to students in the second and third years, focussed on the use of the Internet through modern solutions such as: distributed databases, cloud computing, data science, internet of things, design and development of mobile applications.


Perspectives after graduation: As students of our faculty, you have as early as the first year come closer to IT companies. There is already a tradition for IT companies in Brasov to provide scholarships and awards to students with outstanding results in partnership programmes and student competitions. The personal training and the specialized training in collaboration with the over 30 partners from the economic environment guaranty of the success of our graduates in relation with the future employers. The bachelor’s degree programme in Computer Science offered by our faculty covers both professional qualities and transversal skills.


Coordinator (for full-time studies): Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adrian Deaconu, e-mail:

Coordinator (for distance learning): Assoc. Prof. Dr. Livia Sangeorzan,

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This programme is part of the bachelor’s degree field of Computer Science. The studies are carried out over a period of 3 years, 180 ECTS credits. Students acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of algorithms, programming in C, C ++, Java, C #, databases, web technologies, artificial intelligence, computer networks, parallel computing, mobile device programming, etc. The specialization is provided by the eight elective subjects during the 2nd and 3rd years of study. They are oriented towards the use of current technologies and intelligent systems. Both fundamental elements and contact with current technologies are targeted. Completion of this study programme enables graduates to approach a wide range of IT professions.


Perspectives after graduation: The over 30 economic partners of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science offer consistent support to students through internship programmes. They also engage in student competitions and co-tutoring in the development of graduation projects. Collaboration with the economic environment increases the chances of success of graduates in relation to future employers. The Bachelor's degree programme in Computer Science obtained at our faculty is an essential step in accessing the desired profession.


Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lucian Sasu, e-mail:

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The bachelor field in which this study programme belongs to is Computer Science. The duration of studies is 3 years (180 ECTS credits). Students acquire skills of organizing, designing, exploiting information in any format using various programming languages and programming environments; software analysis, design, implementation, web design in the field of industry, economy and services; development of communication skills in widely circulated languages (German, English) and interdisciplinary collaboration specific to the process of making / using Internet / Intranet systems.

Perspectives after graduation: web designer, web developer, software developer, developer of 3D games and applications in virtual reality, database administrator, administrator of software systems for Web and Internet, etc. Graduates can be hired by multinational IT companies in Romania or in EU countries.


Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Livia Sangeorzan, e-mail:

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